The Saga of Jarl Ulf


I am Ulf the Crow

Small hands, small feet

The named Troll-Enemy show

Son of Bjorn of Bjornholm

Angardvardel’s bearer


The tale I tell is this

Once Odin’s brother Haloge

Maker of most ill mischief

Did have a daughter

That was Eisa fair who fled


She mothered Viking Halfdan

sailed Ellida over the waves

braved the sea-witch Ran

Then landed safe on Orkney shore

A tribute to demand


Ring followed Viking down

Named from Volund-Smith

His amulet of magical renown

Protecting wearers,

wrested from grave-spoiler’s grasp


At Thorsten’s wishes this sword then forged

rune covered Angurdvarel

Sheathed only when blood-gorged

Fashioned below in Svark-elf-heim

By Ivorsmith the dwarf


Passed in death to Fritheof

Outlaw, sea rover, booty plunderer

Exiled yet from homeland north

For love of Ingeborg—and temple razing

Sired in old age Guntheof


Guntheof land home made

And name restored to pride

Unfading favour found

Upon the isle of Bjornholm

Where was bestowed an earldom


These my father gave to me

The brave and daring tales of old

Angurdvardel, Elleda, Ring,

these three greatest treasures of the north

and, Lord of rede hall, my free men

All Writings and Images Copyright ©  Peter Huddleston Updated February 2017