Thoughts on Poetry         .





I have been writing poetry almost all my life for as long as I can remember, though many of my earlier attempts thankfully did not survive, leaving only a few remaining to be included in this collection. For some pieces, where I wrote them is more important than when, and in these instances there is a note recording the where together with a picture link. Along the way I have occasionally experimented with poetic forms, though mostly I prefer free verse.

Villanelle, because I love how repetition gives emphasis to the central thought, but mine are not absolutely true to the form -- that would be just too compliant to rules.

As for the rest, I prefer alliteration to rhyme, also that meter and cadence do not fight each other, and I find I have a tendency towards ellipsis, but take them as you find them, and I hope you discover something to like somewhere amongst the dross


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