Thoughts on Photography


Photography is art, or rather it can be but need not be: what usually qualifies a photograph as art is when it no longer looks like the reality in front of the lens. Besides being art, a photograph may be a snapshot to remind us say, of absent friends, or of a particular fun time. A third kind of photography is scientific, used to educate and inform which needs close comparability with reality. There are other kinds of photography as well but mine is art - maybe not good art, you may say, but art nevertheless.


I would describe my lifestyle as minimalist by conviction because a consequence of belief is that we live our lives with more complexity than is good for us. One definition of minimalism is that it is impressionism without the detail, which matches my lifestyle of stripping away excess detail so that only essentials remain.


One difference between conventional art and photography is that (good) art adds as much detail as is essential on the canvas whereas the art photograph takes away the details that clutter reality to reach its goal - that is a primary reason for cropping an image.


Photography has been a significant part of my family for almost as long as I can remember. I find myself to be rather a purist when it comes to photography preferring to "see with my eye" before composing through the viewfinder and believe that the camera is less important than the photographer.


Though I admire the work of Henri Cartier Bresson and Ansel Adams, I have been influenced more by landscape and impressionist  works of art  than by photography…..perhaps, I hope, it shows.

All Writings and Images Copyright ©  Peter Huddleston Updated February 2017