Photo-Impressionist Photography

Four distinctively different kinds of  images all with the same underlying philosophy to illustrate the concept of impressionism, all making the same point about what is, and saying something about me, the one doing the looking.

Gallery One

1. Chico Creek Fall

2. Deer Creek Summer

3. Midday Heat

4. Early Morning Stillness

5. Casa Gaia Evening

Gallery Two

1. St Katherine's Dock

2. Fishing Scow

3. Clifton Observatory

4. Vicars Close

5. Big Sur

Gallery Three

1. Sandpipers

2. Swan

3. Family Vacation

4. Carolina Dawn

5. Carmel Suset

Gallery Four

1. Jerez Bodega

2. Spinning Jenny

3. Hatteras Light

4. Spinnaker Tower

5. Rollercaster Madness

Digital Art .













Minimalist .


All Writings and Images Copyright ©  Peter Huddleston Updated February 2017