Two Hearts

The heart behind bars is what the news shows us every night -- a world taken captive by ugliness and greed, evil and oppression. But it is not all like this, not even mostly. There is hope, love, trust and beauty all around us waiting to be found if we will just look for them, expect to discover them in our lives .......and this is what the earth-heart represents. The two hearts are alternatives. Which do you see....which would you rather see?

Poet's Eyes

These pages gather together into a collection the way I see art, love, time, eternity, current events, relationships, day to day existence, the mystery of life. It is a personal way of seeing…..…my way, seen through my eyes, the eyes of a poet, of an artist, with what I see expressed both in written and visual images. Images that go beyond merely observing and recording into, I hope, capturing something of the essence of my subject. The collection is arranged more around themes than chronology or the order in which they were created, and starts with some personal glimpses.

All Writings and Images Copyright ©  Peter Huddleston Updated February 2017