Disappointment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be a disappointment with other people who do not meet our expectations, or with ourselves because of our failings, or with circumstances that somehow we feel have let us down, but usually the disappointments we feel are associated with some kind of unmet expectations. And all that growing old does for us is to cause us to feel the sense of loss more keenly. With this in mind it has become easier to believe the truth that we all are failing to meet the expectations either of self or others and, guilty, in this, quicker to condemn the whole mess of life so as to consign it to mere mental baggage we flawed humans carry through life.......dismiss it with a sort of existential shrug of shoulders.

This of course is everyday language for 'all have sinned', and why Jesus is significant when he provides an answer with 'I forgive you'......and without something like this there is no escaping the disappointment that we all know gnaws away at us.

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