Life Through the Eyes of an Artist



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Think of a poet not just as someone who arranges words in particular format, but rather one who envisions a fuller way of understanding, with poetry one among many ways to express what we understand:  it is this way of seeing that identifies the poets, not the fact that they write poetry.


My theme ‘Through Poet’s Eyes’ is merely a collection of writings and images describing my personal way of seeing. This is your invitation to open a window on your world to look out beyond the boundaries of everyday life. See a greater reality and truth than the physical manifestations surrounding us on TV, in the newspapers or the cyber pages of the internet. Life is so much more than the ebb and flow of money, politics career, health or sports.


Yes, these have their places, they are just not the reason why we strive and contend nor should they be the goal of our striving and contending. Life is so much more than that: don’t settle for less. See time, beauty, solitude, family, friendship through my eyes, if you will, for a moment.


So, welcome to me, and I hope you like what you see through my eyes! Thank you for visiting.

All Writings and Images Copyright ©  Peter Huddleston Updated February 2017